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Macro Photography Methods With Thomas Shahan


Want to get started with macro photography? Thomas Shahan has you covered with some inspiring advice and methods.
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Wavelight By Gavin Heffernan & Harun Mehmedinovic


Watch "Wavelight", an incredible time-lapse film created by Gavin Heffernan and Harun Mehmedinovic!
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RetutPro: Beginners Guide To The Pen Tool


Tutorial Tuesday with RetutPro: Learn how to use the pen tool, arguably one of the most useful tools in Photoshop!
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Kids React To An Old Film Camera


This is great! Watch kids react to an old film camera, and discovering how different it is to modern cameras.
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International Space Station Time-Lapse By Guillaume Juin


Take a trip to low Earth orbit for two minutes with this incredible International Space Station time-lapse by Guillaume Juin.
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Lioness Hunts Down Buck With GoPro Strapped To Her Back


In case you missed it: Watch this great video of a lioness taking down a waterbuck, filmed from a GoPro strapped to her back.
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“Through The Ground Glass” By Taylor Hawkins


Watch this: "Through The Ground Glass" offers a great look at the workflow of a large-format photographer.
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“FNB 1Zambia MTB Race” By Kiko Herrera


Highlights from the recent FNB 1Zambia MTB race, filmed on a Canon 6D by Capetonian filmmaker Kiko Herrera.
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Boston Layer-Lapse By Julian Tryba


Watch this: Julian Tryba's Boston "layer-lapse" is time-lapse photography like you've never seen it before!
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“Watchtower Of Turkey” By Leonardo Dalessandri


In case you missed it, do yourself a favour and watch Leonardo Dalessandri's short film "Watchtower of Turkey".
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This Is The GoPro Hero4: 4K Video At 30FPS


Meet the new range of GoPro Hero4 cameras, and watch the epic launch video, "The Adventure of Life in 4K."
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SA Documentary “Rebel Radio” On IndieGoGo


Shawn Greyling's "Rebel Radio" is a promising SA documentary in need of crowdfunding support on IndieGoGo.
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See The Nikon D810 In Action Around Cape Town


From Contermanskloof to Zone7, watch this awesome video shot on the Nikon D810 by Craig Kolesky and Troy Davies.
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RetutPro: Three Dodge & Burn Techniques


Tutorial Tuesday with RetutPro: Dodge and burn your photos like a pro! Manfred Werner shares his top techniques.
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The Summer Trilogy By Mark Mazur


Mark Mazur's summer trilogy is a series of three beautiful macro films capturing the magic of the warm season.
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Trees For Zambia 2014 By Rory Allen


Watch this: "To get lost, is to learn the way" is a beautiful short film shot during Trees For Zambia 2014 by Rory Allen.
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RetutPro: Liquify Trick In Photoshop


Tutorial Tuesday with RetutPro: Here's a neat trick for fixing slowdowns when using Photoshop's Liquify tool!
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The DJI Ronin Is Now Available At Orms!


The DJI Ronin is now available at Orms! Not sure what it is? See this revolutionary device in action!
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“Lake Of Dreams” By Roy Two Thousand


Visual inspiration: Lake of Dreams is an epic time-lapse film created by Roy Two Thousand at Burning Man 2013.
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Learn How To Be A Better Cinematographer


Learn everything you need to know to shoot better videos (and photos) from cinematographer Richard Michalak.
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Time-Lapse: The Air Traffic 2 By Milton Tan


Time-lapse photographer Milton Tan is back with a sequel to his brilliant The Air Traffic film, this time getting even closer!
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How The Sun Sees You By Tom Leveritt


This is really cool! Artist Tom Leveritt used an ultraviolet photo booth to show people what they look like in UV light.
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