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Urbanite: Urban Landscapes By Bence Bakonyi

Bence Bakonyi 01

Documenting the human habitat, Urbanite is a great series of urban landscapes by Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi.
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Incredible Photographs By Daniel Grebe

Daniel Grebe 01

View these incredible landscapes and urban scapes captured by young Capetonian photographer Daniel Grebe.
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Urban Exploration Photos By Ben Schreck

Ben Schreck 01

Interesting urban decay and urban exploration photographs captured in abandoned structures around Europe by Ben Schreck.
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Strange Places By Tasmin Jade Donaldson

Tasmin Jade Donaldson 01

Strange Places is a series of semi-abstract photos of urban spaces shot by Johannesburg-based student Tasmin Jade Donaldson.
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Alpine Landscapes By Lukas Furlan


Simply incredible landscapes taken in the Italian Alps by Austrian photography student Lukas Furlan.
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Beautiful Photography By Erik Witsoe

Erik Witsoe 01

Impressive photographs taken in and around the town of Poznan, Poland by photographer Erik Witsoe.
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Atmospheric Landscapes By Craig Hunter Parker

Craig Hunter Parker 01

Beautifully atmospheric landscapes and seascapes taken by Cape Town-based director Craig Hunter Parker.
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Patterns And Chaos: Photography By Andreas Gursky

Gursky 01

Brilliant German photographer Andreas Gursky has captured some of the most expensive photographs ever sold.
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Foggy Urban Scapes By Kim Holtermand

Kim Holtermand 01

Very impressive urban landscapes of Denmark photographed during foggy conditions by Kim Høltermand.
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Breathtaking Landscapes By Lukas Furlan

Lukas Furlan 01

Breathtaking natural and industrial landscapes photographed by Austrian student Lukas Furlan.
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Icelandic Landscapes By Kim Holtermand

Kim Holtermand 01

Incredible atmospheric photographs of the landscapes of Iceland, taken by Danish photographer Kim Høltermand.
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Timelapse Video: Monolation By Jess Dunlap

Jess Dunlap 01

Watch this: Jess Dunlap's beautiful Monolation timelapse video features some unbelievable camera movements.
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Multiple Exposure Portraits By Anna Pantelia

Anna Pantelia 01

Beautiful greyscale multiple exposure photographs blending portraits with urban landscapes, created by Anna Pantelia.
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Giants Among Men By Dillon Marsh

Dillon Marsh 01

Photos of larger-than-life representations of everyday objects in South Africa, taken by local photographer Dillon Marsh.
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Photos Of Empty Spaces By Chris Round

Chris Round 01

Take a look at Chris Round's "Is There Anybody Out There?" - photographs of quiet, empty suburban spaces.
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Silent World By Vassilis Tangoulis

Vassilis Tangoulis 01

IPA 2012 award winning minimalist long-exposure photographs by Greek physicist Vassilis Tangoulis.
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The Skyline Of Shanghai By Black Station

Black Station 01

A great look at the ever-expanding skyline of Shanghai through the lens of Chinese photographer and designer Black Station.
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Intimacy Of Nature By Antonello Zoffoli

Antonello Zoffoli 01

Sepia-toned photographs of the foggy rural countryside, taken by Italian photographer Antonello Zoffoli.
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The Dunes Of Southern Algeria By Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton 01

Dunology: A beautiful look at the sand dunes of the Southern Algerian Sahara, taken by American photographer Patrick Hamilton.
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Land And Cityscapes By Jakob Wagner

Jakob Wagner 01

Take a look at Jakob Wagner's Nightscapes - Land/cityscapes taken at night featuring amazing tones of blue.
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Brilliant Seascapes By Francesco Gola

Francesco Gola 01

Brilliant long exposure vertical seascapes photographed along the rocky Italian coast by Francesco Gola.
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Workspaces Photographed By Joseph O. Holmes

Joseph Holmes 01

Would you consider your workspace neat or untidy? Compare it to these workspaces photographed by Joseph O. Holmes.
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