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Daniel Naude: Sightings Of The Sacred

Daniel Naude 08

Photos from the opening of Daniel Naudé's Sightings of the Sacred at Stevenson Cape Town, featuring his iconic portraits of cattle.
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Exhibition: Alienation By Anelia Loubser

Anelia Loubser 01

Anelia Loubser's Alienation exhibition will be opening at the KKNK this coming weekend, featuring creative upside-down portraits.
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Portraits Of Possessions By Camilla Catrambone

Camilla Catrambone 01

Great still life photographs by Italian photographer Camilla Catrambone of items representing members of her family.
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Portraits Of Elders By Frantz Boris

Frantz Boris 01

Great portraits of South African elders taken by French photographer Frantz Boris for the Kenako charity organisation.
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Funny South African Portraits By Manfred Werner

Manfred Werner 01

Over 20 hilarious portraits of South African musicians, celebrities and personalities pulling funny faces, taken by Manfred Werner.
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A Book Of Beards By Justin James Muir

Justin Muir 01

A Book Of Beards: Must-see black and white "beard portraits" taken by Justin James Muir in support of the fight against cancer.
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Close-Up Portraits By Morne Van Zyl

Peach van Pletzen

Great close-up portraits of various South African personalities, taken by local photographer Morne van Zyl.
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Exhibition: Roelof van Wyk’s Jong Afrikaner

Roelof van Wyk

Photographs from Roelof van Wyk's current solo exhibition at Commune 1, Jong Afrikaner: A Self-Portrait.
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A Touch Of Light By Hegel Jorge

Hegel Jorge 01

Beautifully simple monochrome photographs featuring low-key lighting and a noir feeling, taken by Hegel Jorge.
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Industrial Workspaces By Jesus M. Chamizo

Jesus M. Chamizo 01

Brilliant photographs of industrial workspaces at an aircraft engineering company, taken by Spanish photographer Jesus M. Chamizo.
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More To Shoot In The Bush Than Just Wildlife

Russell Smith 01

Russell Smith shares some great tips and portraits, lifestyle shots and food photographs from his recent trip to Botswana.
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Portraits: Intuition By Carsten Witte

Carsten Witte 01

German photographer Carsten Witte's "Intuition", featuring black and white portraits/nudes, is simply incredible.
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‘Landscapes’ Self Portraits By Levi Van Veluw

Levi van Veluw 01

Mind-blowing self portraits by Dutch artist and sculptor Levi van Veluw featuring miniature landscapes created on his own head.
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Portraits Of People Distorted By Wind

Tadao Cern 01

Hilarious portraits of people blown in the face with gale-force wind taken by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern.
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People At Work By Yohei Shimada

Yohei Shimada

Japan-based photographer Yohei Shimada's "Workman" series consists of stylised portraits of people at work.
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Moonlit Portraits By Alejandro Chaskielberg

Alejandro Chaskielberg 05

Take a look at these beautiful moonlit portraits taken by Argentinian photographer and photojournalist Alejandro Chaskielberg.
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