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Black & White Portraits By Troy Moth


Portraits by Canadian photographer Troy Moth featuring brilliant lighting and black & white conversion.
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Food Photography By Vanessa K. Rees


Creative food photography combined with recipes in a blog format by Brooklyn based photographer Vanessa K. Rees.
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Portraits: Ezersala By John Second

John Second 01

John Second's Ezersala is a brilliant series of portraits of photographers, presented in a uniform 5x5 grid layout.
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The Crafted Sea By Carlos De La Rua

Carlos de la Rua 04

Chinese photographer Carlos de la Rua's "The Crafted Sea" takes a look at the beauty of waves frozen in time.
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Miniature Cityscapes By Takahiro Yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto 04

Miniaturised cityscapes created with tilt & shift lenses by Japanese photographer Takahiro Yamamoto.
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A Different Take On Automotive Photography


One of my favourite photographic projects, Vehicles by Ryan Schude captures the character of cars parked on the street.
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Women’s Health: Behind The Scenes


Behind the scenes photographs from a professional food photography shoot by Russell Smith.
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Cinematic Stills By Russian Hobbyist Mikki

Mikki 04

Incredible photographs capturing moody cinematic feelings taken by Russian photography hobbyist Mikki.
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Geometric Patterns In Paris By Philipp Klinger

Philipp Klinger 04

A different look at Paris through the geometric architecture photography and cityscapes of Philipp Klinger.
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Black & White Cityscapes By Martin Stavars

Martin Stavars 07

Black & white cityscapes from around the world taken by Polish photographer Martin Stavars, including London, Tokyo & Paris.
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Australian Star Trails By Lincoln Harrison

Lincoln Harrison

Brilliant star trails photographed over an Australian lake by Lincoln Harrison - 15 hour exposures of the night sky!
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More Than 20 Years After Chernobyl

Chernobyl 04

20 years later: Photographs from the modern day surroundings of the Chernobyl and the nearby town of Prypiat.
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The Fresh Coast Project By Ed Wargin

Ed Wargin 04

The Fresh Coast Project is American photographer Ed Wargin's endeavour to photograph the Great Lakes on film.
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Travel Photography: Crete By Attila Kozó

Attila Kozo 05

Travel photography of Crete with great variety of photographic styles taken by 19 year old Attila Kozó.
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Surrealist Photography By Tommy Ingberg

Tommy Ingberg 03

Subtle and simple black & white surrealist photographs taken by Swedish hobbyist Tommy Ingberg.
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Iceland’s Glacier Lagoon By Jon Reid

Iceland - Jokkersalren: Ice Bay

British photographer Jon Reid took these shots of contrasting ice chunks and volcanic beaches while visiting Iceland in 2010 and 2011.
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