D&P and Retouching

The Developing and Printing lab at Orms is one of the few film labs left in South Africa. The lab processes C41, E6 (slide film) and Black & White film daily. We are equipped to process 35mm, Medium Format and Large Format negatives, while Black & White is hand-processed. The lab also offers slide film cross-processing.

The lab is equipped to print from film negatives as well as digital media. C-type print sizes are internationally standardised and range from postcard size to 12 x 18 inches (approximately A3).

Orms has taken care to build a team of dedicated and skilled retouchers. Our scanning equipment allows us to scan, retouch and reprint photographs without the use of the negatives. The Prophoto Lab is also able to scan fine art and reproduce it using the inkjet printer. Contact the lab on 021-465 3573 or send an email to


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