Framed by Orms offers a wide range of services, and has rendered it’s specialised services to some of the top galleries and curators in the country, for both photographic and fine art installations.
Apart from conventional Cut & Join framing, we’ve become leaders/pioneers in custom framing and design. Our expertise ranges from new frame design to master copying and we are able to apply custom paint colours to various surfaces through our own unique spray painting process. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination. Our list of services includes: Custom Framing, Block-mounting, Canvas Stretching, Shadow Box Framing, Total Archival Framing, Frames, Cold Mounting, Custom Glass Cutting, Glass Stand Aways and Floating Mirrors. Framed by Orms is the sole agent of DIASEC® in Africa, with South Africa one of only eight countries in the world licensed to perform this exclusive face-mounting procedure. Images for DIASEC® can either be sent in digital format to the Pro Photo Lab at Orms for printing, or directly to Framed by Orms in print form. The finished product will be delivered anywhere in South Africa. Phone us on (021) 465 1221, visit our website on or email:


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